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Work Experience

During my tenure at Rambusch Decorating Company I had the pleasure of working on many stained glass projects throughout the United States. Some of the projects include:


Columbia University Teacher's College, NY, NY
Fordham University, Bronx, NY
Chicago Public Library, Chicago, IL
TeachersCollege Chapel, NY, NY
Woolworth Building, NY, NY
State Capital Building, Denver, CO
State Capital Building, Pierre, SD
Grand Central Station, NY, NY
Bowery Savings Bank, NY, NY
Cooper Hewitt Museum Canopy, NY, NY
New Yorker Magazine, NY, NY
Pulaski County Courthouse, Little Rock, AR


After I left to start my own studio, Rambusch sub-contracted our studio to complete the restorations of such projects as:

Baltimore Courthouse, Baltimore, MD
New York Stock Exchange, NY, NY
Culinary Institute, Hyde Park, NY
Crosier Seminary, Onamia, MN

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